Castle tours from Rudesheim, Assmannshausen and Bingen to Castle Rheinstein and Castle Reichenstein near Trechtingshausen on Rhine
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Knights of Old and Much More
Come on board acquaint yourself with the proud witnesses to ‘olde tyme’ full of adventure and the magic of castles. We’ll show you the Binger Loch, the ‘Mouse Tower’, the ruins of Ehrenfels as well as the castles of Rheinstein and Reichenstein, and tell you all about them. You’ll experience the thrill of travelling along one of Europe’s oldest commercial waterways, at one time bordered by the castles of robber barons and their toll stations. There’s no chance of missing
the charm of a trip up the Rhine!



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Castle tours  Rudesheim / Bingen to Rheinstein and  Reichenstein castles

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Evening Trip to Brigde festival in Bingen with Firework

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